Last Minute Productions

Our Journey

The Early Photowalks

The Early Photowalks

We are a collective of 4 – who came with different experiences in photography and videography. We were never driven by commercial need – it was passion.

Our passion to capture and create used to wake us up at 3AM to get to photowalks organised by other artists in Dubai and around UAE.


The creation of LMP

Whilst we were learning and honing our skills, we would individually receive ad-hoc work amongst our network (even though we were fully engaged in our own roles of employment outside of photography).

Inside many traditional tea shops or over a roadside snack – we would discuss combining our strengths together in order to deliver to clientele at a greater pace.

It was finally in November 2019 (again inside a cafe!) we signed on documents that would formalise our creation as Last Minute Productions.

The creation of LMP
The Great Pandemic

The Great Pandemic

The year 2020 will forever be defined as the year that destroyed lives and businesses – owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last Minute Productions and their members survived through it all – from job losses to work reduction to lockdowns.

Even through the pandemic, our larger clients trusted us to help deliver their vision while smaller sized businesses were happy with the concessions offered in rates – we know every body, every where suffered.

We would never compromise on our quality, but we were happy to work with our partners and clients within their budgets.


Our work is our passion. We enjoy doing what we do!