5 Concrete Milestones You Can Use to Track the Success of Your Writing Career

If you’re in the beginning stages you have a ton to learn.


Without a roadmap telling you how well your online writing career is going, you’ll stay stuck, confused, and stagnant.

There are a few definitive milestones that let you know you’re on the right track, what to worry about, and when to move into the next phase. I’ve derived these milestones based on years of experience, observation, and experimentation.
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Why You Should Read More Books (Even If You Don’t Want to Be a CEO)

I used to be in a cult.

The Benefits of Reading

Ok, it wasn’t an actual cult, but it was close to it. The funny thing is…I developed the most valuable skill from joining it.

The cult in question is called Amway. It’s one of those MLM network marketing companies where you recruit other people to your team and get a cut of their sales, so on and so forth.
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Start Your Side Hustle  —  the Life-Changing Magic of “Eating What You Kill”

A few weeks ago, a jaguar escaped its cage at a New Orleans zoo and killed six other animals.

The Harshness of the Wild

Rightly, no one blamed the Jaguar for being a Jaguar.

For years, its trainers fed it chunks of meat — pre-cut and requiring no effort to procure. The Jaguar accepted those meals day in and day out because he had no choice.

It’s not such a bad life, right? He doesn’t have to deal with the harshness of the wild, wonder when his next meal is going to come, or risk getting injured during a hunt. But the second he got the chance to do what his instincts told him to do, he just couldn’t help himself.

We’re a lot like that Jaguar, except we have the opportunity to hunt every day and some of us refuse to take it.

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Hunting, Gathering, and Making Our Own Living

People forget the current environment we live in is a blip on the radar compared to human history. Your ancestors didn’t have jobs — they hunted and gathered to ‘make a living’.

Even once we evolved and became more ‘civilized’ we didn’t all rush to a cubicle, an assembly line, or any other situation that involved “punching a clock.”

You didn’t ‘work at a shoe store.’ You were the shoemaker. Or you were the blacksmith, the fruit stand owner, the butcher.

People were artisans. Everyone had their own little niche and we traded goods with each other. There was nothing like a formal job until a very recent section of history.

In the past, you could also easily die from getting diarrhea and lots of people were poor farmers and indentured servants as well. I’m not saying those times were ideal.

What I am saying, though, is that it seems like there’s a lot of monotony in our lives because they’re too predictable. We’re the jaguar in the cage who secretly want to escape. Our circumstances and scenery have evolved, but mentally we still want to ‘hunt’ ‘trade’ and have our own little corner of the market to operate.

You don’t have to quit your job, but you can still recapture that feeling and way of living